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Approved for use by The Danish Coastal Authority and The Danish Marine Safety Administration. (Approved no. 06 / 02815-26)

Alfa Kinetic presents here the results of laboratory experiments and real-life testing conducted with the Stream Indicator.

Watch videodocumentation. Rotor-test. RUN 4-0,5ms (FORCE Technology)

Test result from FORCE Technology, Lyngby, Denmark, 05.03.2007

Picture documentation of the Stream Indicator

Leif W. Smitt, M.Sc.  Senior Specialist,
(Naval Architecture) Hydro and Aerodynamic
, FORCE Technology

Product specifications available on request.

Date: 2007.08.19
See the videodocumentation of the real-life test here. Test 1. Test 2.

Real-life testing of the safety buoys took place between 12 and 19 August 2007 at Hornbæk Beach and Hundested.

A test report was subsequently compiled. This can be forwarded in its entirety upon request and is available in both Danish and English. The conclusion of the report stated the following:

"The safety buoys reacted appropriately in terms of both speed and correct inclination when the test buoys were subjected to flowing water at the two stretches of coast that were included in the trial."

"When the buoys are used correctly, it will be possible to use them to provide information for lifeguards and people on the beach on the speed and direction of the current so that anyone swimming in the sea can take precautions before heading out into the water. This would therefore help to prevent bathing accidents deemed to be caused by a lack of knowledge of the local currents."

Date: 2008.09.01:

Conclusions of field-test, summer of 2008

This study generally showed that the Stream → Indicator is safe to use and a valuable tool for increasing bathing safety in places where you wish to know the current conditions and make them visible. This means that the success criteria of the test have been met.

The safety buoy is capable of showing the speed and direction of local currents at bathing beaches, which means that the bathers can be warned of suddenly occurring currents, for example at sandbank holes, or simply more permanent currents by watching the Stream → Indicators.

It is expected that it would also be an advantage to use the Stream → Indicator at lakes, streams, bogs, rivers or other places where the current conditions can be unpredictable or were you simply want them to be visible.

Thus, the safety buoy helps increase bathing safety where there is a risk of drowning accidents because of the current conditions.