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The press and the public

On these pages, Alfa Kinetic would like to present what others have written and said about our company and our products.

The first pictures show the Stream d Indicator in a competition for Denmark’s best idea on TV2, a national television channel. A total of ten programmes were sent in the spring of 2007. The Stream d Indicator was in the running for the competition.

The Stream d Indicator project has been submitted to three Danish authorities, including the Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography and the Danish Coastal Authority. Both institutions have expressed good will and were positive regarding the idea and the project.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is processing the company’s patent application.

danmarks bedste idé

danmarks bedste idé

Date: 2007.08.07

Alfa-Kinetic took part in the BLUE FLAG / DANISH OUTDOOR COUNCIL exercise day at Vejers Beach. The following statement was made: … “Stream d Indicatorcan help to prevent accidents.” (M.H. Jensen, Blue Flag coordinator at the Danish Outdoor Council).

Deputy Mayor Hans Chr. Thoning and Jan Thomsen at the safety buoys presented

Interested beach guests look at various Stream d Indicator models

Four sizes of safety buoy in the North Sea at Vejers Beach

Date: 2007.08.12 til 2007.08.19

See the videodocumentation of the real-life test here. Test 1. Test 2.

Alfa-Kinetic provided three different sizes of safety buoy for a real-life test. The Nordsjælland Coastal Rescue Service, represented by district lifeguard John Mogensen, was in charge of the trial, which took place at Hornbæk Beach and to the east of the jetty in Hundested. At Hornbæk Beach, there was a powerful undertow at times at a depression and between the coastline and the first sandbar.

When the trial was over, a report was compiled describing what happened. This is what the conclusion of this report had to say. “The safety buoys reacted appropriately in terms of both speed and correct inclination when the test buoys were subjected to flowing water at the two stretches of coast that were included in the trial.

“When the buoys are used correctly, it will be possible to use them to provide information for lifeguards and people on the beach on the speed and direction of the current so that anyone swimming in the sea can take precautions before heading out into the water. This would therefore help to prevent bathing accidents deemed to be caused by a lack of knowledge of the local currents.” Below are five photos from the trial.

Buoy no. 3 on the beach at Hundested

Buoy no. 3 at the east jetty at Hundested

Buoy no. 3 off the beach at Hundested

Buoy no. 3 off the beach at Hornbæk

The lifeguard station with head lifeguard John Mogensen at Hornbæk Beach

Date: 2007.08.20
Lifeguard Erik Bech of the Danish Swimming Federation, says that “these buoys are a major step in the right direction towards bathing safety.

Date: 2007.08.27
Alfa-Kinetic releases the following pressrelease.

Date: 2007.08.30
Prime time news. Watch the program here. Read the english translation (pdf).

Date: 2007.09.27
The buoy was positivly refered to during the global conference “World Water Safety 2007 in Porto, Portugal offered by the International Life Saving Federation.

Date: 2008.07.04
The buoy was positivly refered to in the news from TV2 Nord. Watch the program here

Date: 2008.08.11
The buoy was the subject of an article in Folketidende (read article. Opens in new window)